Do I have to let bailiffs in?

You don’t have to let a bailiff into your home, even if they say that you do. But, if you want to stop bailiff action, you will need to deal with the money you owe. You could do this by:

  • contacting your creditor
  • speaking to the bailiff through the letterbox or a window
  • leaving your home to talk to the bailiff outside.

However, even if you refuse to let the bailiff in, they may find another way to get into your home. For example,

  • if you’ve left your back door unlocked,
  • if you have an outbuilding like a shed or garage on your property,

the bailiff can enter them, if they are unlocked.

The bailiff can only get in using a usual means of entry such as a door, so cannot climb over walls or through windows.

The bailiff can only use peaceful entry to get in, which means they can’t usually use force. 


But, sometimes bailiffs can use force to get into your property, find out more top tips to stop bailiffs getting in to your home

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