Eviction for mortgage arrears

If you’re in mortgage arrears, your mortgage lender will want you to clear them and if you aren’t able to then your lender will try to get you evicted from your home. This is called taking possession. It allows them to sell your property and use the money from the sale to help pay off the debt.

Click for more information on:

  • what must happen before your mortgage lender can evict you
  • how you may be able to avoid eviction and keep your home
  • what happens during an eviction for mortgage arrears and what the bailiffs are allowed to do
  • whether you should just hand back your keys to your mortgage lender before you’re evicted
  • what responsibilities you have after you’re evicted for mortgage arrears, including your financial responsibilities before your property is sold
  • what happens if the money from the sale isn’t enough to repay what you owe
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