Hyndburn CAB Concern over Bogus Calls

CAB – Concerns re Bogus Callers

On the 20th May 2015 Hyndburn Citizens Advice Bureau became aware of a bogus caller claiming to be working on behalf of Citizens Advice. He claims to be able to write off a proportion, or all of, a person’s unsecured debts.

The caller is ringing from a mobile number 07774121634. Please note this is likely to change as the caller becomes aware of negative publicity.


We have checked and there are several instances of calls from this number reported on the online forum ‘’.

The caller has also been reported to have referred to himself as calling on behalf of ‘Credit Investigation Services’.

There are two further reports of calls on 16th May 2015, describing similar scenarios. Both describe the caller as male, and describe the caller as using aggressive language including threats and bad language.

Citizen’s Advice do not make unsolicited calls, offering to get debt payments reduced.

We do call people back who have phoned our Advice Line, or who we are working with, so if you get a call from CAB and you aren’t sure about it, please ask the Advisor to tell you the last action performed on your case. We can confirm this to reassure you.

Any bogus calls can be reported to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

If you do have any debt issues and would like independent advice please contact your local Citizen’s Advice –

To find your nearest Citizens Advice click on and if you need help please ring us on Advice Line 03444889622


Miranda Carruthers-Watt

Chief Officer

Hyndburn CAB 01254 393210





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